MoI demilitarization and decentralization will start from 2012

The demilitarization and decentralization of the Moldovan Ministry of the Interior will start from January 1, 2012, the head of the MoI Law Department Igor Trofimov said at a news conference today.
INFOTAG, 15 July 2011, 11:10

Until then, the Ministry is supposed to finalize a whole number of legal acts and regulatory documents so as to submit them to government and then to parliament for consideration and approval.

"At the moment, we have been perhaps at the complicated-most stage of our work - preparation of the legal frame, without which the reform cannot start. We have to amend about 70 laws, including the Police Law, Law on the Status of a Police Officer, Law on Carabineer Troops, Law on the Possession of Weapons, etc." said Trofimov.

He assured that the forthcoming reform should not lead to 'throwing officers out into the street', because at any rate they will be provided with the possibility of transfers to other analogous structures, "and even if an Interior officer is deprived of the status of a policeman, he shall be provided at least with the same salary".

The amendments to the Law on Carabineer Troops stipulate that carabineers shall be enrolled onto service on the basis of contracts, and their main duty shall be public order maintenance, as well as order restoration when necessary. As for the police, they shall be no more attracted to this.

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